Local indie filmmakers hope to reach the masses through streaming services

While big-box movie theaters are struggling these days, there is no dearth of movie making in the Mohawk Valley, NY area and local filmmakers say they want to take advantage of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, and others

Local author and radio play-writer Jay Towne of Amsterdam has recently turned his creative focus to a new film-making venture called All Day Productions. Serving as the executive producer and writer, Towne is working on two films simultaneously with Associate Producer Harold Bryan, a 12-year veteran of film-making.

The first film, Verily, is about a 46-year old man and professional designer who loses faith and questions God. The second, Faith, is a study of four families living with COVID-19.

Towne said he is working with Carolyn Cocca Casting to assemble a cast of actors to play in both films. He is also working on fundraising before the film is produced and says he will scale the production based on the amount raised.

“We need to raise as much money as possible. By adjusting the [production] budget, we can start filming for as low as $25,000 or as high as $1 million,” Towne said.

To contribute, visit www.adayprodllc.com/appeal.

Towne and Bryant plan to divide the donations equally between the two films with a three-week shoot in the Amsterdam, NY area for each and they hope to release the films in either movie theaters or by streaming service back-to-back in late spring 2021.  

Towne wrote both scripts last year over the course of November and December.

A film that recently completed filming in the Amsterdam area is Almost Made, a mob-themed comedy filmed in one week which was produced by Amsterdam’s Jim Glorioso. The main character is released from prison and embarks on various capers with a bunch of other hoodlums in order to present himself as a “made man” for the mob.

Glorioso served as the producer and screenwriter, and also plays a bit part in the movie.

With this being his first film production, Glorioso said he is surprised by the attention his film is receiving.

“It started out as an idea to film it ourselves and show it at film festivals,” Glorioso said and added, “This movie opened doors for me.”

Almost Made is currently in post production with the final cut to be made within another month. Glorioso said he is confident he can get a contract with streaming services Netflix and Amazon to distribute the film.

Glorioso’s film company Ramjag Made Productions raised $60,000 for the film, $30,000 of which was raised by supporters through the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo.com.