Muni golfers may have choice of two rate models

A choice between a “grandfathered season pass model” and a “players card model” could be available to golfers at the Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course this season. The new models and rates are up for approval by the common council at this Tuesday’s meeting. According to the rate sheet included in the agenda for the meeting, there will be two different sets of rates that players can choose.

The “grandfathered season pass model” requires that golfers pay for a season pass before July 1. In order to continue to pay rates under this model, which may still change from year to year, golfers must maintain their membership each year with no interruption.

Proposed rates under this model:

  • Standard pass age 30-61: $825
  • Senior pass age 62 and up: $775
  • Senior limited pass (weekends after 3): $725
  • Couples pass (married, same household): $1325
  • Super Senior Pass (weekends after 3): $400
  • Junior Adult (18-22): $375
  • Young adult (23-29): $525
  • Youth (under 18 with weekend privileges): $200
  • Use of city owned cart for season: $500
  • Cart space for privately owned carts with single owner: $400, 2-owner: $600

The “player card model” will allow golfers to purchase a season pass card which which gives them the ability to schedule tee times seven days in advance and pay a reduced rate for golf.

Proposed rates for this model which include the use of a cart:

  • Players card for Montgomery County residents
    – Seniors: $350
    – Regular: $400
  • Players card for non-county residents
    – Seniors: $400
    – Regular: $450
  • Reduced golf rates
    – Weekday 9 holes: $15
    – Weekday 18 holes: $25
    – Weekend 9 holes: $19
    – Weekend 18 holes: $30
  • For players without a card
    – Weekday 9 holes: $20
    – Weekday 18 holes: $40
    – Weekend 9 holes: $24
    – Weekend 18 holes: $45

Tim Becker

Tim Becker is the owner of Anthem Websites Inc. which publishes The Compass. He serves as both editor and a writer.