Unofficial 2019 City of Amsterdam election results

Michael Cinquanti has won the race for mayor against incumbent Mike Villa, according to unofficial results from the Montgomery County Board of Elections. In the fourth ward, Stephen Gomula has won the alderman’s position from incumbent Dave Dybas. In the first, second, and third wards, the number of absentee ballots exceeds the margin of the front running candidate and are therefore too close to call at this time. According to the board of elections, absentee ballots will be counted on November 18.

Unofficial results from Montgomery County Board of elections:

Michael Cinquanti (DEM, CON, WOR, GRE, IND) 1,65757.14%
Mike Villa (REP) 1,24342.86%
Matt Agresta (REP, CON)1963 99.54%
Common Council Ward 1
Patrick Russo (REP, CON)43250.17%
Ken Mazur (DEM, GRE, WOR)42949.83%
Absentee ballots sent 76  
Common Council Ward 2
David Gomula (DEM, CON)22750.56%
Paul Ochal (REP)22149.22%
Absentee ballots sent 56  
Common Council Ward 3
Irene Collins (DEM, CON)309 50.57%
Kimberly Van Wormer302 49.43%
Absentee ballots sent 49  
Common Council Ward 4
Stephen Gomula (REP, CON)20654.50%
Dave Dybas (DEM)17044.97%
Absentee ballots sent 34  
Common Council Ward 5
Jim Martuscello (DEM)32798.20%

Click here for the complete unofficial results from the Montgomery County Board of Elections.