Dave Dybas, candidate for 4th ward alderman

Dave Dybas is the incumbent candidate for the fourth ward city council position. He will appear on the Democratic party line on fourth ward ballots on election day, November 5, 2019. He faces challenger Stephen Gomula on the Republican and Conservative lines.


Dybas previously served on the Amsterdam Common Council from 2012-2013. He also served as a Montgomery County supervisor from 2000-2009. His previous work experience includes approximately six years as a chief auditor at the United Cerebral Palsy Association for Montgomery County (which he noted was absorbed by the Center for Disability Services), as a self-employed financial consultant who did work for the Amsterdam Industrial Development Agency, as well as 25 years with General Electric, with his last position there being a manager of financial analysts. He also used to be a professional accordion player for 25 years, and currently volunteers his time playing at rehabilitation or senior living facilities.

On the issues:

The candidate’s answers to five questions are listed below. The answers are in their own words, with minor edits for clarity.

  1. Question: What specific steps must the city take to correct the problem of over-estimation of revenues and under-estimation of expenses?
    Answer: Provide format for written reports from department heads to mayor and council on status and reasons for variances to expense and revenue budgets on a monthly basis. Determine methodology for corrective actions required to be taken by department head and monitor for corrective results.
  2. Question: What are the next steps the city needs to take to correct the fund balance deficit problem?
    Answer: Based on information received from question one above, continue to monitor and take further additional actions in an attempt to remedy each individual fund balance deficit.
  3. Question: Where do you currently stand on moving forward (or not) on the KCG Development residential project?
    Answer: Based on all the written information made available to me as of October 17, 2019, the project appears to be viable. However, what remains to be accomplished is the mitigation of the property’s underground pollution along with incentives being offered, i.e. “tax credits” used to finance the project and who gets them. All of this appears to be in the developer’s court or to any other developer who would become interested in a project of this kind.
  4. Question: What have been the top 3 successes for your term in the past year?
    Answer: Receiving, on a regular monthly basis, improved financial/accounting data from controller’s accounting system. Being able to assist residents in the fourth ward and understanding what they expect and require from their perspective. Some hope for a better future.
  5. Question: What are your top 3 goals if elected to another term?
    Answer: Financial recovery! Financial recovery! Financial recovery!