Amsterdam Little Giants Football recap

The Amsterdam Little Giants fall football season is currently in full swing. Here’s a recap of the most recent games at Murray Field, behind Barkley Elementary School.

Saturday, October 6

The Green Gators prevailed against the Gold Hornets 7-0. In the first half, Josh Miller made a pass to Matt Reed who then ran for 4 yards for the decisive touchdown. Defensive standouts on the Gators were Aaryn Siudy, Justin Torres, and Logen Zabielski. Defensive standouts on the Hornets were Vincent Chirico, Logan Miller, and Gio Gonzalez.

The Giants beat the Raiders 25-0.  Two touchdown runs were made by Amarri Barnhill, while Camryn Frasier scored two touchdowns, one on a running play, the other on a passing play. Defensive standouts on the Raiders were Jacob Kietzmann, Kainen Carrero, Vincent Murphy. Defensive standouts on the Giants were Teagan Healy, Labron Hudson, and Noah Balbian.

The White Warriors came out ahead of the Purple Knights 19-12. Aiden Zepperi ran for three touchdowns for the Warriors, while Rocco Natale ran for two touchdowns for the Knights. Defensive standouts for the Warriors were Wyatt Dezolt, Ezequiel Ressy, and Leland O’Brien. Defensive standouts for the Knights were Gianna Riccio, Caleb Power, and Juell Vega.

Wednesday, October 3

The Purple Knights shut out the White Warriors 13-0. After a scoreless first half, Pietro Russo ran for a 50 yard touchdown for the Knights. Rocco Natale followed with a 35 yard touchdown run, and also made the extra point. Defensive standouts on the Knights were Russo, Nicholas Maphia, and Maximus Moak. Defensive standouts on the Warriors were Ezequiel Santiago, Ezequiel Ressy, and Dominik Baez.

Sunday, September 30

The Raiders beat the Jets 6-0. Gabe Rivera recovered a fumble in the second half and ran 25 yards for the decisive touchdown. Defensive standouts were Gabe Rivera, Jacob Kietzmann, and Carmine Carson for the Raiders, and Matt Hailey, Adrian Roche, and Jason De Vito for the Jets.

The Green Gators defeated the Purple Knights 20-6. In the first half, Rocco Natale scored a running touchdown for the Knights, and Toby Rivera ran a touchdown for the Gators. In the second half, Xavion Torres and Matt Reed ran for touchdowns for the Gators. Josh Miller and Chase Resila scored the extra points after those touchdowns. Defensive standouts were Rocco Natale, Pietro Russo, and Davion Hudson for the Knights, Malachi Merced, Miller, and Rosa Mia Perez for the Gators.

The Giants shut out the Jaguars 27-0. Amarri Barnhill ran for two touchdowns, while Lebron Hudson and Camryn Frazier each ran for one. Hudson, Barnhill, and Teagan Healy each scored and extra point. Defensive standouts were Mathias Pereicich, Owen Kelly, and Jayden Cotugno for the Giants, Jose Cruz, Richie Collazo, and Gunner Kreisel on the Jaguars.

The Gold Hornets narrowly beat the White Warriors 19-18. Aiden Quist ran for a 70 yard touchdown for the Hornets in the first half. Gio Gonzales ran for three touchdowns for the Hornets, including one for 65 yards in the second half.  Ezequiel Ressy ran for two touchdowns for the Warriors in the first half, and one in the second half. Defensive  standouts were Aiden Zepperi, Lucas Brown, and Jah-Van Aunchman for the Warriors, Isaiah Montalvo, Samuel Watters, and Logan Miller for the Hornets.