Objections filed over petition that could trigger Conservative Party primary

An “opportunity to ballot” petition for the Conservative Party line filed by Jim Glorioso, candidate for Montgomery County sheriff, is facing a challenge that will be ruled on this Monday by the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

According to board commissioner Terry Bieniek, a general challenge to the petition was filed by Conservative Party member Cheryl Reese on June 23, and then 25 specific objections were submitted on June 30.

Glorioso has already secured the Democratic, Woman’s Equality, and Working Families party lines. His challenger for the position, Jeffrey Smith, has secured the Republican, Independence, Reform, and Conservative party lines.

When petitions are received for a certain party line from candidates who are not registered with that same party, the party has the right to select one candidate for the nomination on their line. This happens most often on lines other than for the Republican or Democratic parties, as candidates already on major party lines seek to also appear on the ballot under other party lines.

According to board of elections, the Conservative party has already accepted Smith’s petition. No petition for the line was previously submitted by Glorioso.

However, according to New York State election laws, if Glorioso’s opportunity to ballot petition is accepted, a primary will be held allowing Conservative party members to either vote for Smith or write in any other candidate’s name to decide the party nomination.

Asked why he filed the petition, Glorioso said yesterday, “I have a lot of conservative [party] support and I wanted to give them the opportunity to vote for me on primary day.”

The board of elections has yet to release copies of the challenge.

Tim Becker

Tim Becker is the owner of Anthem Websites Inc. which publishes The Compass. He serves as both editor and a writer.