Four City of Amsterdam projects receive state funding

A plan to create a business incubator at the Sanford Clock Tower in Amsterdam NY, took a major step forward yesterday. A $500,000 grant to renovate the sixth floor of the building was one of many announced yesterday by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as part of $700 million in total awarded to NY communities through the Regional Economic Development Council initiative.

Earlier this year, Brett McCarthy, co-owner of the building, outlined the plan to turn the former Coleco offices on the sixth floor into a space that will offer shared work spaces, a reception area, a conference room, and other assistance to business start-ups.

In addition to the funds for renovation, the city received $200,000 to establish a microenterprise program which will be used to issue grants of $5,000 to $25,000 to businesses located within the city. Although participation in the incubator at the Clock Tower is not required to receive a grant, Montgomery County Economic Development Specialist Danielle Whelly said earlier in the year that she expects the two programs to compliment each other. The program will be administered by the Montgomery County Business Development Center.

A $500,000 grant was also announced for the Amsterdam Industrial Agency to upgrade the electrical infrastructure at the Amsterdam Industrial Park in order to accommodate the increased energy needs of tenants of the park.

A $62,000 grant was awarded for the construction of the John Sampone Senior Memorial Park on the city’s south side.

Other notable projects in the area include a $500,000 grant to the Gloversville Public Library for various construction projects, a $500,000 grant to renovate the Parkhurst Basefield Field in Fulton, which is known as the oldest baseball field in continuous use, and $1.5 million grant for Montgomery County to expand the Flordia Business Park on Route 5s.

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2 Responses to Four City of Amsterdam projects receive state funding

  1. AvatarThom Georgia says:

    I’m really very concerned that $62,000.00 is being earmarked for a park whose private committee has been engaged in private fundraising, chiefly selling name-branding rights to park brick-pathways. Moreover, this proposed site is set betwixt a heavy machinery, trucking and forklift business and a major thoroughfare, whose issues with traffic signage and lighting have been taken up by the Common Council multiple times in the last 6 years alone because of the intersection being prone to vehicular accidents.

    Also, the rationale for this application as the only park in the south side of Amsterdam was a touch ingenious, and dare I say less than forthcoming. The named ‘culinary and hospitality district’ has a new beautiful park setting…you know, that bridge everyone bemoaned but is always busy with foot traffic. Also, I’m quite sure Barkley School has a perfectly wonderful playground. Not too many years ago I remember playing on the playground, also situated adjacent to a very fine youth sporting field.

    The $62,000.00, in my option, was far more needed in a number of other areas. For example, connecting the Riverlink Park/MVGO to the Northside-downtown area creating a fully transwaterway downtown district, or the library, or improvements to existing city recreational amenities. My point: projects that have direct economic impact to an entire city, rather than a playground on a gravel pit next to tractor-trailer & accident-prone intersection.

    As I still maintain a residence in Amsterdam, I have to say City Hall is lacking leadership, foresight, and plain common sense. If I were to announce my candidacy for mayor in 2019, viable, economy-stimulating projects would take precedence over frivolity.

  2. AvatarThom Georgia says:

    And let us not forget this administration’s lack of progress on that very marketable waterfront property on the south bank of the Mohawk currently sitting un-utilized as a grassy knoll with a picnic table. Who’s managing that?!