Where to vote, who’s on the ballot for Montgomery County


Montgomery County voters will take to the polls today to make their selections for United States president, as well as state and county officials.  Polls will be open from 6am to 9pm today.

If you know your district number (and ward number if you are in the city), click here to find your polling location.

If you are not sure of your district/ward number, click here to find your polling location.

Click here to view sample ballots for your district/ward.

The Mohawk Valley Compass conducted interviews with candidates for the Montgomery County legislature in contested districts that include the City of Amsterdam. Click on any picture to read the interview.

District 7

Barbara Wheeler, candidate for district 7 legislator
Barbara Wheeler
Michael Pepe, candidate for district 7 legislator
Michael Pepe
Jeff Stark, candidate for district 7 county legislator
Jeff Stark

District 8

Joseph Isabel, candidate for district 8 legislator
Joseph Isabel

David Nyle Nelson did not respond to requests for an interview

District 9

Robert Purtell, incumbent candidate for district 9 legislator
Robert Purtell

Tom Flanagan did not respond to requests for an interview

Tim Becker

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