Unofficial 2016 election results


Michael Pepe has won his bid for Montgomery County district 7 legislator, according to unofficial results from the Montgomery County Board of Elections. With 850 votes, the Republican candidate prevailed in a three-way race with incumbent and independent candidate Barbara Wheeler with 86 votes, and Democratic candidate Jeff Stark with 523 votes. In other Amsterdam area races, Joseph Isabel and Robert Purtell, incumbent candidates for districts 8 and 9 respectively, have each won their bids for second terms.

The district 3 race remains too close to call, with John Thayer showing a slight edge with 950 votes to Roy S. Dimond’s 938 votes at the polls, however there are still 190 absentee ballots in that district that will not be counted until November 15.

In the race for Montgomery County district attorney, Republican candidate Kelli P. McCoski  defeated Democratic candidate Howard M. Aison 9,836 to 6,552.

County Legislature District 1
Martin Kelly (REP, CON, IND) 1,004 60.12%
Dominick Stagliano (DEM) 663 39.70%
County Legislature District 2
Brian D. Sweet (REP, CON) 1,392 99.86%
County Legislature District 3**
Roy S. Dimond (DEM, CON, IND) 938 49.66%
John Thayer (REP) 950 50.29%
County Legislature District 4
Robert Headwell, Jr. (REP, CON, IND) 1,527 98.71%
County Legislature District 5
Terry A. Bieniek (DEM) 912 37.48%
Daniel P. Wilson (REP) 1,177 48.38%
Eugene Richards (CON) 344 14.14%
County Legislature District 6
John M. Duchessi, Jr. (DEM) 954 99.17%
County Legislature District 7
Michael J. Pepe (REP, CON, IND) 850 58.26%
Jeffrey P. Stark (DEM) 523 35.85%
Barbara S. Wheeler (BRW) 86 5.89%
County Legislature District 8
Joseph M. Isabel (DEM, CON, IND) 1,223 83.14%
David Nyle Nelson (NYL) 246 16.72%
County Legislature District 9
Thomas J. Flanagan (REP, IND) 1,001 43.90%
Robert A. Purtell (DEM, CON) 1,278 56.05%
District Attorney
Kelli P. McCoski (REP, CON, IND, REF) 9,836 59.97%
Howard M. Aison (DEM) 6,552 39.95%

** There are 190 absentee ballots that have not been counted for district 3.