Fariello’s looking for new owner to carry on 90 year tradition

Fariello’s Confectionery, a little shop on Lincoln Avenue in Amsterdam, also known as “Sammy’s”, celebrated it’s 90 year anniversary this month. However, for owners Theresa and Adolph Sorensen, the occasion was bittersweet. After approximately eight years of operating the shop, they are ready to sell the business.

“I love it, but I can’t keep doing it,” said Theresa Sorenson on Tuesday. “I’d like to see it remain as Sammy’s. It’s 90 years old and it is an institution here. But I’m not quite sure if there’s a person out there who wants to do this anymore, I really don’t know.”

Originally founded by Samuel Fariello in 1925, the location used to be a hub of the community, offering coffee, pastries, and other sweets along with the daily newspaper. The location was also once a post office. The shop has changed owners several times over the years. The Sorensens have kept the tradition alive by keeping the store open as a candy shop and ice cream parlor.

Sorensen makes chocolates for the store in a kitchen at the back of the shop. In addition to stocking the store’s shelves, she also sells chocolate wholesale to approximately twelve other businesses, and provides products for fundraisers.

“If somebody wants to continue making the chocolates like I do, I’m willing to show…what I do and how I do it,” said Sorensen.

Sorensen said she could also imagine a new owner re-working the location as a coffee shop or restaurant.

The property, which is being sold through Yankee Realty, also includes a two-bedroom apartment with an attached garage.

Sorensen said she will close the store after this week, and then re-open in December for holiday shopping. Current hours are 5pm to 9pm Tuesday through Friday.

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Tim Becker

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