County officials discuss casino support

FONDA – Some Montgomery County officials are enthusiastic about the possibility of bringing a casino to the town of Florida.

The idea was brought up at Tuesday’s meeting of the county legislature’s Economic Development and Planning Committee. Legislators discussed a possible resolution that would show local support for the idea.

“The town supervisor is in favor of it, and it will go to the town council,” Economic Development and Planning Director Ken Rose said.

Rose said other locations are being considered as well.

“There may be other municipalities,” he said. “This resolution is not specific to any location within the county.”

Rose said the proposed casino should be a regional project.

“Of the eight counties in our [economic development] region, our two counties with the highest unemployment rates in the region have supported it,” he said.

County Executive Matthew Ossenfort said local support for the casino is very important.

“I’m 100 percent in favor of it,” he said. “We need to show that we have the support in the county.”

“It will be great for Montgomery County,” District 7 Legislator Barbara Wheeler said.

“I interviewed a lot of people, and I’ve gotten 100 percent approval,” District 9 Legislator Alexander Kuchis said.

Photo by Lewis Johnston

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One Response to County officials discuss casino support

  1. I personally am not in favor of a Casino of any sort in Montgomery, Fulton, or any of the surrounding counties. Gambling is just another addition that will add more crime to our area, and will cause those who are already on the downward spiral of supporting themselves to completely fall down.
    Why would anyone think that such an idea would bring growth to this area?? When you look at the areas that surround the Casinos that have been built in other communities is there growth? Is there Safety? Or is there more crime.
    Everyone should think long and hard about what is happening here. Gambling is a great waste of life, time, money and most of all lives.
    When I was working, one of the events that was scheduled was a trip to a Casino. I went, because it was my duty, but watching elderly people, and those who could be spending time with friends and family, sitting at those dumb machines and tables, throwing their money away was truly disgusting. Shame on County executives for saying this is a good thing…..and you know who you are.