Two new county positions created


FONDA – Montgomery County legislators voted Tuesday to create two new positions in the office of the Clerk of the Board.

Legislators approved the creation of a part-time deputy clerk position with an annual salary of $2,500 but also passed a separate measure for a full-time legislative research specialist with an annual salary of $45,020.

District 4 Legislator Ryan B. Weitz had proposed naming one person to the position of deputy clerk and research analyst.

“This was what I had in mind; it would be great if that person could double as a deputy clerk,” Weitz said.

District 2 Legislator and Board Chairman Thomas Quackenbush said the positions were separated after consulting with county Personnel Director Richard Baia.

District 6 Legislator John M. Duchessi voted against the resolution, saying previous discussions in committee centered around hiring one person, not two.

“This was done in a manner I can only describe as nefarious,” Duchessi said. “It flies in the face of good government.”

Duchessi said the legislators could do their own research instead of creating another position.

District 3 Legislator Roy S. Dimond said he was “really torn” on the issue.

“The [proposed] legislation itself really smells,” Dimond said. “I agree with [Duchessi]; it was supposed to be one position.”

District 9 Legislator Alexander S. Kuchis said he was under the impression that one part-time person would be hired.

Weitz said after the meeting that his intention in proposing the resolution was to hire someone to fill in for the clerk and to do research for the board.

“The duties and qualifications were discussed verbally [in committee],” he said. “We need a second person. We need to take care of our own office. It’s unfortunate to treat this resolution as a personnel matter.”

John Becker

John Becker is both a Reporter and Consulting Editor for The Compass. He and his wife Pat operate Abbey Farms in Amsterdam NY.