County Executive issues veto on personnel policy resolution

County Executive Matthew Ossenfort said today that he has issued a veto of a resolution passed by the Montgomery County Legislature last week which approved a personnel policy for non-union employees which included additional benefits for legislators. The policy included stipends for legislators who serve as chairs of committees, as well as extended health insurance benefits to part time employees and the legislators.

Legislator Barbara Wheeler, who was responsible for writing the policy, removed the two items from the policy before the legislators’ vote at a special meeting on October 14th. Chairman of the Legislature Thomas Quackenbush introduced an amendment at the meeting which put the items back in. Wheeler joined legislators Joe Isabel and John Duchessi in voting against the amendment and the policy as amended. The resolution passed by a 5-3 vote.

Last week, after the meeting, Ossenfort said that he was “neutral” on the two issues and that he believed the issues were “primarily legislative.” Today he said that after talking with legislators and residents, that the policy “missed it’s mark.” Ossenfort said the policy, overall, is a good one and that he hopes to resolve the issue with the legislature quickly so that they can move on to more important issues.

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4 Responses to County Executive issues veto on personnel policy resolution

  1. AvatarRobert Purtell says:

    I am glad to see that the County Executive has vetoed the policy, this should be seen as a positive event, it resonates that the new form of government works. In the event that a resolution is brought up to override the veto, it will not have my support. I will be suggesting at tomorrow’s meeting that we as legislators take 45 days to review the policy and compare it to previous policies.
    In retrospect I should have abstained from voting because of my short tenure and short notice of the proposed policy.

  2. AvatarPO says:

    looks now like some who voted for this measure are trying to distance themselves from it. Wheeler, put the proposal together but voted against it, Quackenbush now says he’s glad it was vetoed(despite the fact he voted for it), and now Purtell apparently is not in favor of the proposed policy even though he voted for it as well. It’s quite simple, the legislators who voted for the proposal got caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar and are now ashamed of themselves. Hats off to Isabel and Duchessi for leading the way and doing what was right for the citizens of this county.

  3. AvatarRobert Purtell says:

    I am not a fan of the blame game, I take full responsibility for my vote, my point is that the whole policy needs to be reviewed, it needs to be brought back to the committee and taken back apart. At some point the members of the personnel committee developed a strategy for this and then it changed, I respect that and the extensive hours that were committed to the meetings. Let’s take ownership in taking a look at the whole policy and make it right.