Comments recap


Many of the comments left during The Compass’ second week had to do with the golf course debate again. It’s shaping up to be one of those issues that just goes on and on an on as the same points get argued over and over. For this edition of Comments Recap, we are going to highlight some of the stand out comments on some of the other issues.

Brian Jacobs, the artist featured in our three part series by Dan Weaver left this insight and suggestion…

If the sculpture at the mall is missing part of the original design, then it’s not reflecting the artist’s intent, particularly given Tal Streeter’s fascination with kites. Who would think these have anything to do with kites, missing the fabric. …It would be great to learn more about Tal Streeter’s sculpture, the 46 Main St. mural, and all the other works of art around us that we don’t know about or don’t notice. How about a local art tour? One example: the Post Office mural.  Read his full comment here.

Mike Cinquanti wrote about several ideas for revitalizing Amsterdam including this one:

…Small businesses have been traditionally, the single largest provider of new jobs in the US economy. Thanks to the Internet and the efficiency of wireless and e-commerce technologies, location is no longer an essential component of success for so many types of business start ups. Put yourself in the shoes of a young electrical engineering student at RPI, or NanoTech graduate assistant at SUNY who has a documented great idea and a brilliant mind. Being able to start your business on the first floor, live on the second floor with a balcony that looks out over a beautiful river and order your pizzas from La Cucina, play golf at Muny, be in Albany or Saratoga in just half an hour. Why not Amsterdam? Read his full comment here.

Jerry Skrocki defended his use of political satire in reference to Dan Weaver’s latest opinion piece:

… I feel you have misrepresented my work. The images posted on my blog were a form of political expression or satire. They were not intended to make the Mayor “look terrible” as you express but instead they were intended to make her look regal. The point I was making with my images (that were very well done), was that the Mayor was behaving as a monarch instead of an elected public servant. Elected officials are historically (and legally) held to a different level of scrutiny. I was not born in Amsterdam but I care very much about the city that I live in. I have never chosen apathy…Read his full comment here.

Diane Hatzenbuhler, Fourth Ward Alderman, wrote a nice compliment to Ann Peconie, Director of the Walter Elwood Museum:

Ann Peconie, since taking over at the Elwood some amazing things have happened. The Elwood and the city are very fortunate to have you in this position at this time in its history. Please keep up your excellent work in making this an outstanding local museum and for being able to bring the Mohawk Carpets descendants back into the fold, they are such an important piece of our history.

Pat Q wrote in response to Tim Becker’s latest opinion piece about the proposed development at FMCC:

…There are many benefits to having on-campus facilities, rather than in downtown Johnstown, Gloversville, and/or Amsterdam. These include the ability to establish effective living-learning communities, easy access to college resources, attracting quality students and maintaining enrollment… Read Pat Q’s full comment here.

Thanks to everyone who is reading and sharing Mohawk Valley Compass articles. Keep those great comments coming!