Comments recap


Here are some of the comments we thought were noteworthy this week.

In response to “FMCC students need more than a Moe’s,” Peter wrote:

I went to Syracuse University (admittedly a much, much larger school) at a time of great transition. They expanded greatly into the city during my time there and still do so today. Instead of developing new things on campus, which they did but those projects were secondary, the school embraced the community. They purchased an old warehouse downtown and turned it into a new classroom building. They facilitated better transportation to and from downtown and the business districts. They came up with new ways for students to support local businesses and that kind of stuff. Maybe instead of building a commerce district close to campus, the campus should figure out better ways to allow its students to contribute to the local economies that support it. Read the full comment here

In response to the story “Mayor recommends golf commission’s choice of new pro in Merendo resolution veto,” bob stern wrote: 

I’m sure watching the council override a veto will result in champagne parties for all the mayor haters out there, but the next morning they will wake up with a hangover. If the mayor’s argument is valid this council will turn down $50,000 per year for 5 years and that is not worthy of further discussion and reflection on behalf of taxpayers? Read the full comment here

Jerry Skrocki, looking at the issue from a different angle, wrote:

You have to wonder why the Mayor would veto resolutions passed by a super-majority of the Common Council, knowing full well that the veto will be overridden by the Council. Who is actually being obstructionist and uncooperative in this situation?

Dan Weaver’s story “Life, death and memories on Queen Anne Road” received many appreciative comments as well as fond recollections.

John Levandosky wrote:

As a parishioner of St. Ann’s Church, we were told the wooden cross carried by the youth choir was carved from a beam taken from Queen Ann’s Chapel.

Peter J Quandt wrote:

My Mother lived on Queen Anne Road, for 7 years, and moved to the Amsterdam end of it, subsequently, for another 7 years. When I visited her there, I would walk that road almost every morning. Your description of it, and all aspects of walking down that road are very familiar to my experience, and your story vividly and well brings all of that to mind. As well, how you related to your experience of your brother and the circumstances of that phone call are well depicted. Thank you for your heartfelt and well written sharing.