Unofficial 2018 election results for Montgomery County, City of Amsterdam

According to unofficial results from the Montgomery County Board of Elections, Jeff Smith will be the next Montgomery County Sheriff with 10,826 votes against opponent Jim Glorioso’s 3,589 votes. Brittany Kolbe has won her bid for Montgomery County Clerk, with 7,788 votes to incumbent candidate Helen Bartone’s 6,489 votes. According to the board of elections, 1,033 absentee ballots were sent out for the county, not enough to swing either race.

In City of Amsterdam Common Council elections, Patrick Russo has won with 637 votes against Pamela Swart’s 535 votes in the first ward. Irene Collins has won with 464 votes to Art Ianuzzi’s 308 votes in the third ward. In the fourth ward, Dave Dybas is ahead with 257 votes, Stephen Gomula has 240 votes. There were 115 write-in votes. According to the board of elections, 45 absentee ballots were sent out and the counting of received absentee ballots will begin November 16.

Montgomery County Sheriff
Jeff Smith (REP, CON, IND) 10,826 75.03%
Jim Glorioso (DEM) 3,589 24.87%
Montgomery County Clerk
Brittany Kolbe (REP) 7,788 54.54%
Helen Bartone (DEM) 6,489 45.44%
Common Council Ward 1
Patrick Russo (REP, CON, IND) 637 54.26%
Pamela Swart (DEM) 535 45.57%
Common Council Ward 3
Irene Collins (DEM) 464 59.87%
Art Iannuzzi (CON) 308 39.74%
Common Council Ward 4
Dave Dybas (DEM) 257 41.99%
Stephen Gomula (REP) 240 39.22%
WRITE-IN 115 18.79%

Tim Becker

Tim Becker is the owner of Anthem Websites Inc. which publishes The Compass. He serves as both editor and a writer.