Special meeting scheduled for third ward appointment

A special meeting of the Common Council has been scheduled for this Thursday at 11am at City Hall. A resolution sponsored by Fifth Ward Alderman Jim Martuscello to appoint Arthur Iannuzzi as third ward alderman to replace resigning council member Chad Majewski is on the agenda released by the City Clerk’s office today. Conspicuously missing from the initial agenda is any resolution to appoint Irene Collins, who received the official recommendation of the City of Amsterdam Democratic Committee in June. However, additional resolutions can be added at the meeting.

In the event of a vacancy on the Common Council, the city charter requires the council to appoint a replacement of the same political party. While party recommendations have been followed in the past, the final choice still belongs to the council.

Martuscello, a Democrat, said last month he favored Iannuzzi, also a Democrat, for the appointment over the party pick. Martuscello said he was not happy with the party’s search sub-committee’s decision-making process, while other party officials have said that Collins had the overwhelming support of the party. Read past details here



Tim Becker

Tim Becker is the owner of Anthem Websites Inc. which publishes The Compass. He serves as both editor and a writer.