Majewski submits resignation as third ward alderman

Third Ward Alderman Chad Majewski announced today that he will be resigning from his position effective July 1. Citing his increasing role as national brand manager for, Majewski said he could no longer give the same attention to his role on the council. First elected in 2015 to serve a two-year term, he ran unopposed to win a second term in 2017.

Majewski posted his letter of resignation to the mayor and council on his Facebook page and wrote, “I hope I’ve helped contribute in some small way to the success we’d had as a city. I appreciate everybody’s support and wish nothing but the best for you, my fellow council members and the city.”

Mayor Michael Villa said today he discussed the move privately with Majewski last week and is saddened by his leaving.

“Chad and I developed a great bond and we never let politics interfere with our friendship,” said Villa. “I think we always kept in mind that we could disagree like gentlemen.”

Pointing out Majewski’s leadership as deputy mayor and chairman of the golf, recreation, and public safety committees, he added, “He always went above and beyond. That’s tough to replace.”

Majewski is a Democrat, and according to the city’s charter, in the event of a vacancy, the council can appoint a replacement of the same political party to serve until the next general election.

Kelly Quist-Demars, chairperson of the City of Amsterdam Democratic Committee said today that the committee has not yet met to discuss a person to nominate.

She added, “I am very grateful for all that [Majewski] has done for the city. This work will continue in the momentum he has created and with what I am sure he will continue to do as a private citizen.”

Tim Becker

Tim Becker is the owner of Anthem Websites Inc. which publishes The Compass. He serves as both editor and a writer.