Compass Inbox: Pamela A. Swart, candidate for first ward alderwoman


As many of you know, I am running for 1st Ward Alderwoman and graciously request your support and vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th. The only way for you to be represented is by voting and local elections are our greatest opportunity to drive change. No matter who you vote for, it is most important to me that our elected officials are truly representative of our community. Visit to find your assigned polling place or contact the Montgomery County Board of Elections at 518.853.8180 if you have any questions.

I have lived in Amsterdam all my life and benefited from the beauty and picturesque setting which our city enjoys. I have been active in our community serving as a board member on the Amsterdam Housing Authority, a Committee Woman of the 1st Ward and I currently serve the Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation as a member of the board.

My husband David is a retired Lieutenant of the Amsterdam Fire Department , I have three children , Rebecca, Jennifer and David Jr. all college graduates and proud alumni of the Amsterdam School District. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services from Empire State College. David and I also owned a small business for over thirty years.

My purpose for seeking a seat on the City Council is simple. I believe that public service is incumbent on all of us. It is not my goal to become a career politician but instead do everything I can to make Amsterdam a better place to raise a family, establish a career, and attract profitable business. It is important for me to note that while I am running against an incumbent, I am confident that our current 1st Ward Alderman has served with good intentions. I am grateful and thank our current Alderman for his service.

It is time for others to step forward and serve Amsterdam. I believe every line item in our city budget needs to be meticulously scrutinized and reevaluated. We have found ourselves in dire economic times and while that is a surprise to few , the fact that a multimillion dollar deficit in our city budget went unnoticed by past elected officials is egregious and absolutely unacceptable. Now that we have the information needed to move forward, tough, strategic choices need to be made to ensure spending is prudent and underutilized services are cut. Blunt questions need to be asked and answered and everyone needs to be held accountable. We also need to ensure that those who serve our city competently and provide our most valued services are recognized, respected , and afforded the support they need to keep our community safe, secure and operating efficiently. We need to have the courage to make the tough choices to ensure we are managing our finances responsibly and transparently.

In announcing my candidacy, I also announce I have no hidden political ambitions or agenda. I am funding my own campaign and will be beholden to only my constituents.

I encourage anyone with questions or comments to call me at 518.843.2310 or email me at

Pamela A. Swart
Amsterdam, New York

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