Amsterdam girl recognized for exemplary action during dog attack

Eleven-year-old Lyana Tirado was given a standing ovation by everyone at Tuesday’s City of Amsterdam Common Council meeting as she accepted a certificate of recognition from Mayor Michael Villa for her level-headed response to a recent life-threatening situation. According to Police Chief Greg Culick, her family’s dog attacked both her brother and mother at their City of Amsterdam residence on August 23 causing serious injuries.

The certificate was read by City Clerk Laura Barquero, which stated:

I am pleased to recognize the efforts of Lyaba Tirado. She overcame her fear of the severity of the wounds her brother received from a dog attack. She brought him a cold, wet washcloth to put on his neck and told him to tip his head so that he could breathe. She got all of her sisters, and put them in a room with the TV on, so that they would not see/hear anything and stayed with them until an adult arrived to take care of them. On behalf of the members of our community, we admire and thank Lyana, an 11 year old child, who took charge to help her brother and her sisters in a serious medical situation.

Animal Control Officer Gina Kline also presented gifts to both Tirado and her little sister on behalf of the GAVAC ambulance service, which transported her brother to Albany Medical Center.

Culick said today that her brother has recovered well from his injuries and is currently home. Her mother sustained injuries to her hand, but was present with Tirado at the meeting. Culick also said the dog involved with the attack has since been euthanized.

“It was just amazing that she had the presence of mind to take such control of a very volatile situation,” said Culick.

Editors note: there are more details to this story that are beyond the Compass’ scope to cover. For more background on the circumstances, please see the Amsterdam Recorder’s coverage here (subscription login may be required).

Tim Becker

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