Who’s running on party lines for the Amsterdam Common Council?

Today was the last day for candidates seeking to appear on a party line on this November’s ballot to submit their petitions to the Montgomery County Board of Elections. Here’s who has submitted petitions for each ward:

Ward 1

Ed Russo (incumbent), Republican, Conservative, Independence parties

Pamela Swart, Democratic party

Ward 2

Paul Ochal (incumbent), Republican, Conservative, Independence parties

James Glorioso Jr., Democratic party

Valerie Beekman, Democratic party

Ward 3

Chad Majewski (incumbent), Democratic party

Ward 4

Rodney Wojnar (incumbent), Democratic party

Diane Hatzenbuhler, Republican party

Ward 5

James Martuscello (incumbent), Democratic party

Any citizen may file a written objection to a candidate’s petition within three days after the petition is filed.


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3 Responses to Who’s running on party lines for the Amsterdam Common Council?

  1. AvatarThom Georgia says:

    That poor 4th ward.

    I keep hearing the little girl from Poltergeist…”They’re back!”

    • AvatarAmsterFan says:

      Well well well, if it isn’t the former Deputy Executive Director for Public Information and Outreach at the Amsterdam Free Library System (?!?) come to throw stones at his former neighbors! Glad he moved on to bigger and better and, hopefully, not made up things!!

  2. AvatarBigger AmsterFan says:

    Well I also feel bad for the people of the 4th Ward who can do and deserve way better. So let’s throw some stones and go back to the good ol’ days of Diane Hatzenbuhler both in the Common Council chamber as an alderman and spectator, when it was the norm to:

    -bother the police to waste resources by investigating people playing basketball at a park, all to appease one cranky resident outside her ward boundaries; apparently that resident thought people would stop using the park once he bought property there. So we’re clear, the police (including the chief himself) and one local journalist twice investigated the scene and found nothing to be out of the ordinary

    -fight tooth and nail to push for a ban on street basketball hoops, the enforcement of which was called into question after police flat-out stated they would not bother enforcing the local law

    -start a very nasty and drawn-out fight with Amsterdam Rec. Director over ‘getting all attendance records for Shuttleworth baseball games’ over whether or not an artificial turf field was justified at the park (a fight I think had exactly zero people supporting her in); she went on to claim she believed the contract for the field installation would be nullified due to ‘improper drainage’ despite her lack of evidence in support of her belief; she claimed, also with absolutely no evidence, that there was $12,000 worth of damage, and then changed to $5,000:


    -constantly walk the 4th Ward looking for code violations (as if with some authority) while completely ignoring the work done on at her residence without the proper permits


    -use her position as alderman to exact on her personal and well-known vendetta against the former mayor, such as suggesting cuts to

    -use her position as alderman to exact revenge on her personal and well-known vendetta against a local farmers market organizer, to the point where that market split and started its own just to avoid her

    -get caught selling unapproved, uninspected beef at that same farmers market
    -address the issues in the Controller’s office, while refusing to do anything about the need for additional staff there

    She even started her own ‘ad hoc’ committee, which offered non-binding suggestions made by people with spurious experience in budget crafting. The ‘committee’ was said to be superfluous, offering no solutions to problems the Common Council already were well aware of:


    Good luck with all of that again!