Common Council meeting highlights for 3-7-2017

Cell phone tower developer looks for locations in city

A representative of Mobilitie, a California-based cell phone infrastructure company, spoke before the Common Council on Tuesday about his company’s desire to build two cell phone towers in the City of Amsterdam. The company had previously submitted proposals to the city’s planning board to build one 120 foot tower near Lynch Middle School and another of the same height on Church Street. However according to the representative, the company has since withdrawn those proposals. Alderman Chad Majewski said that residents showed up at the last planning board meeting to express opposition to the installations.

The representative presented the council with a map with two wide circles indicating areas within the city that would provide suitable locations from a coverage standpoint, but stressed that the company was looking to build on city-owned property only. Alderman Jim Martuscello pointed out that one of the circles encompassed a portion of the Amsterdam Industrial Park. Council members agreed to take time to study the map and would make suggestions as to suitable locations.

Residents delinquent on tax payment plan face deadline

According to Controller Matt Agresta, approximately 140 out of 250 property owners who previously agreed to payment plans to get caught up on their back taxes are delinquent. Agresta said that some owners are only behind by one or two payments, but others have not made any payments in years. Agresta said that certified letters have gone out to delinquent owners stating that they have until April 14 to catch up on their payments, otherwise their properties will be eligible for foreclosure.

City moves ahead to lease DPW vehicles

The Common Council approved a resolution allowing the mayor to start the process of negotiating a contract with Enterprise Fleet Solutions to lease six new light-duty Department of Public Works vehicles. A representative from Enterprise presented a proposal to the council in December 2016 showing that 65% of the 37 vehicles surveyed were over 10 years old. According to the proposal, the city could save an average of approximately $37,000 in fuel and maintenance costs per year by replacing vehicles every five years.

Additional skate park equipment on the way

According to Alderman Jim Martuscello, a “half-pipe” and other skating equipment will be added to the existing skate park at East Main Street in the near future. Martuscello said the equipment comes from another area skate park and will cost approximately $3600. The council approved a resolution on Tuesday authorizing $7,000 to be allocated for the purchase of the equipment as well as additional paving at the park. Martuscello said the previously un-budgeted funds come from a fee that was recently negotiated between the city and the Amsterdam Industrial Development Agency, for maintenance of the Amsterdam Industrial Park.

Tim Becker

Tim Becker is the owner of Anthem Websites Inc. which publishes The Compass. He serves as both editor and a writer.