City auction date changed, property list released

Just over 60 city-owned properties will be auctioned off on January 28 at Amsterdam City Hall at 10am. At a common council meeting on Tuesday, council members looked over a list of properties compiled by Controller Matt Agresta which will be included in the auction. The list includes properties that weren’t sold at the previous auction in October, or properties that had winning bids, but the bidders did not pay in full, or properties that had winning bids that were rejected by the common council. The previous tentative date was pushed back a week in order to resolve scheduling conflicts for Alderman Chad Majewski, who will run the auction, and to leave more time to advertise the properties.

The properties are listed below. For properties without street numbers, the actual tax identification numbers are listed which can be checked here.

  • 42 Glen Ave
  • 271 Division St
  • 273-275 Division St
  • 250 Division St
  • 83 Bunn St
  • 147 Division St
  • 147 ½ Division St
  • 23 Henry St
  • 22 Bunn St
  • 62 Academy St
  • 28 Charles St
  • 28 Cornell St
  • 27 Lark St
  • Weslyan Ave (39.15-4-30)
  • Weslyan Ave (39.15-4-71)
  • 77 Mechanic St
  • 98 Grove St
  • 72 Lyon St
  • 44/46 Glen Ave
  • 54 Bayard St
  • 4 Yeoman St
  • 85 Union St
  • 57 Glen Ave
  • 40 Union St
  • 47 Union St
  • 49 Mechanic St
  • 51 Mechanic St
  • 75 Wall St
  • 25/27 Union St
  • 37 Union St
  • 38 Divison St
  • 197 Vrooman Ave
  • 162 Forbes St
  • 30-32 Vrooman Ave
  • Sd2 10b2 Weslyan Ave (39.15-4-36)
  • 101-103 Caroline St
  • 58 Greeme St
  • 29 Garden St
  • 24 Garden St
  • 46 Elizabeth St
  • 57 Elizabeth St
  • 78 Lyon St
  • 48 Sloane Ave
  • 10 Locust Ave
  • 100 Grove St
  • 95 Grove St
  • Washington St (55.44-4-2.2)
  • 34 Lower Minaville St
  • 26 Lower Minaville St
  • 320 East Main St
  • Cady St (56.45-1-2)
  • 28 Cady St
  • Cady St (56.45-3-1)
  • 40 Hm Cady St
  • 39 Cady St
  • 37 Hm Cady St
  • 36 Cady St
  • 35 Hm Cady St
  • Cady Street Wp 42hm (56.45-3-70)
  • Ep 42 Hm Cady Street (56.45-3-71)
  • Ep 41 Hm Cady Street (56.45-3-72)
  • 298 East Main St
  • 13 Lark St
  • 226 Market St

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3 Responses to City auction date changed, property list released

  1. AvatarThom Georgia says:

    I’m entirely confused as to why a council member is poised to serve as auctioneer. I also question the ethics of a legislator who will vote to approve/deny any bids also receiving and adjudicating the winning bids.

    The city’s charter is particularly vague on the procedure by which a public auction of real property is to be conducted, referring any unenumerated provisions to State real property tax law. The state’s Office of General Services has issued guidance that an “Officer” of the taxing entity should oversee the auction. A council member is not, in any sense that I’m aware, an “officer” of the city on account of not serving in the executive/judicial branches & thus representing the city in its entirety…as we are aware, council members represent a ward. Since Mr. Agresta, as chief financial and operating officer of the municipal corporation, was the responsible party for ultimately seeing through to completion the foreclosure process, it begs the question why the mayor & council have seen it fit to strip the Controller of this duty.

    But perhaps even more concerning for all of us is whether this public auction will be overseen by a licensed/certified auctioneer accredited through a professional body.

    I sent two queries to the city in as many days, first to the clerk & council, then to the mayor seeking clarification that Mr. Majewski is in fact a licensed/certified auctioneer, and if so through with accrediting entity.

    My queries have gone completely ignored by the city. This unfortunate inability to explain their actions to residents should be alarming to us all.

    • AvatarThom Georgia says:

      Four days have passed since my request for information and still no answers. Should I not receive a response by Tuesday Jan 10, the city clerk & mayor will be in violation of State FOI Law §89(3)(a). Very irresponsible leadership in city hall.

  2. AvatarThom Georgia says:

    At 8:30 this morning I received the official response from the city to my query regarding the credentials of Mr. Majewski as an accredited auctioneer.

    The response; four words:

    “I have no idea”