Council awards sale of 21 city properties

The Amsterdam Common Council approved the sale of 21 foreclosed properties at yesterday’s meeting. The vote comes after Monday’s meeting of the property disposition committee which made recommendations as to which bids for the properties should be accepted. The sale of all the properties will bring in just under $190,000. According to Controller Matt Agresta, a portion of the proceeds will go to Montgomery County, proportional to the unpaid county taxes on those properties.

According to Alderman Chad Majewski, eight of the original 28 properties which the council decided to sell are not on the list which was voted on Tuesday because either there were no bids on some of the properties, or with others, because the disposition committee has extended counter offers.

“I think we really have quality people who purchased these and have some great intentions,” said Mayor Michael Villa yesterday. “I think we did a good job in selecting who got these properties.”

He also pointed out that “clawback” provisions in the sale agreements will require the buyers to bring properties up to code within a certain time-frame or the property will revert back to city ownership.

At the meeting, Villa said he has signed a contract with auction company, and there is a tentative auction date set for mid October. The auction will include over 200 properties that were foreclosed on this year.

The council also voted to re-convey a property on Kimball Street to its original owners who have agreed to pay all back taxes as fees, and to sell an additional four properties on Brand Place, Edward Street, James Street and Elizabeth Street via the bidding system rather than at auction. Interested buyers can contact the city engineer’s office for more information and to place a bid.

Location Bid winner Sale amount
77 Chapel Place Kelsey Tesiero $45,000
226 Market Street Arthur Phillips $5,500
12 Bartlett Street Alexandre DosSantos $7,500
39 Fairmount Avenue Wojciech Lewandoski & Jessica Lewandoski $35,000
14 Smith Ave Murat Durmaz $2,121
46 McCleary Avenue Kelsey Tesiero $45,000
9 Young Avenue John & Michelle Egelston $18,000
256 Guy Park Ave Roman Boyko $2,800
21 Academy Street Maria Lopez $8,000
131-133 Brookside Avenue Roman Boyko & Nataliya Romanishin $5,200
29 Elizabeth Street Nataliya Romanishin $3,200
295 East Main Street Mohammad J. Memom $6,000
9 Blood Street & 32 Bunn Street Diane Smith & Charles White $351


Vacant Lots:

48-50 Academy Street Judith Hernandez $350
L59 Fairmount Avenue Barbara H. Johnson $100
220-222 Florida Avenue Howard M. Aison $3,000
12-12 ½ High Street Erwin Harnish $100
L57 Fairmount Avenue Wojciech Lewandoski & Jessica Lewandoski $1,000
36 Jay Street Bertha Nieves $300
34 Lark Street Marie Insogna & Gary DelliVeneri $300
181 West Main Street Frank Yarasezkis Auto Service Inc. $600

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2 Responses to Council awards sale of 21 city properties

  1. Avatardennis charles oconnor says:

    THATS $9,000 per property…who buys a house…land…in America 2016 for $9000 dollars?..

    • AvatarTim Becker says:

      Some of the properties are vacant lots and went for only a few hundred dollars. Another example is the old factory on Bunn and Blood which went for $351, but the new owners plan to invest $40k in repairing the roof alone (I’ll have a separate story on that soon). Some of the properties went for $35k – $45k, but yes, others were sold for $8k – 9k. I have the list of properties and what they were sold for, I’ll update the article with it as soon as I can.