AYSC recreation soccer league scores for May 21

Under 6

Alpin Haus 8, McNeil Family 4

Ilianis Aleman, Justin Brown, Wyatt Dezolt, Kamyrn Fisher, and Maria Alvarez all scored goals for the Alpin Haus team. Johnny Michels scored two goals for the McNeil Family team along with single goals by  Seleyna Diaz and Anja Gatto.

Kyle’s Bounce Rentals 5, Home Helpers 0 

Katie Teresco scored two goals for the Kyle’s Bounce Rentals Team, aling with single goals by Andre Carlos, Degan Capron, and Trinity Lopez

Mycek’s Legal Eagles 2, Dick’s Sporting Goods 2

Jayden Brathwaite and Malachi Williams each scored a goal for the Mycek’s Legal Eagles team. Ava Vargas and Brandon Lue both scored for Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Under 8

Second Chance Kid’s Sale, LLC 5, Schwartz Law Firm 4

Gia Bonanno scored three goals for Second Chance Kid’s Sale, LLC along with single goals by Gabriela Mendez and Geomar Alvarado with Caiden Lenkewich, Vinny DeMarco, and Cayden Boyd playing the goalie position.  Elijah Powell scored two goals for Schwartz Law Firm along with single goals by Mason Marrone and Sadie Brodie with the goal tended by Nathalie Dimas, Mason Marrone, and Elijah Powell.

NY Connects 2, LeonardoMorra.Arbornne.com 0

Michael McVeigh and Jonathan Crowder both scored for NY Connects with Mia Holtzer as goalie. Ethan Proudfoot and Daniel Tomlinson Jr. tended the goal for LeonardoMorra.Arbornne.com.

S&G Medical Transport 4, Dr. Rao’s Crew 1

Jose Rivera scored two goals for S&G Medical Transport along with single goals by Ethan Ackerman and Jillian Parkes, with Alexa Garcia, Ackerman, and Anaiyah Meyers playing goalie. Julianna Pacheco scored for Dr. Rao’s Crew with goalies Rachel Montilla, Elio Ravelo, Dante Delos, and Colton Heller.

Under 10

Mary S. Brown, Attorney at Law 5, Miller Printing 4 

Emma Miller and Jack Sweeney scored two goals each for Miller Printing with goalies Jack Sweeney and Jared Gilston. Ryan Mastin scored three goals for Mary S. Brown, Attorney at Law, with single goals by Macie Perry and Summer Perry, with Jacob Villanova playing goalie.

Mead Plumbing 5,  Cioffi, Slezak, Wildgrube PC 4

Conner Meca scored four goals and  Callum McNamara scored one for Mead Plumbing with Austin Araya on goalie. Zachary Becker scored four goals for Cioffi, Slezak, Wildgrube PC.

Under 13

Spagnola & Spagnola 4, McHeard Family 3 

Lorenzo Bottisti scored three goals and Noah Tatun scored one with Jaylene Cintron as goalie for  the Spagnola & Spagnola team. Luke Patrei, Nicole Turney,  and  Madison Cebula each scored a goal for the McHeard Family team with goalie Garrett McHeard.

Knights of Columbus #209 3, China Wok 1

Christian Bottisti, Alex Slovak, and Ally Mosher each scored a goal for the Knights of Columbus #209 team with goalie Jackson Merritt. Evan Iannuzi scored for China wok with Juliana Barone-Lopez as goalie.

(Photos by Tim Becker)