Officials are sworn in at city hall ceremony

City officials were sworn in at a ceremony at City Hall on Friday. Judge Joseph Sise officiated the swearing in of council members Ed Russo, first ward, Paul Ochal, second ward, Chad Majewski, third ward, Rodney Wojnar, fourth ward, and Jim Martuscello, fifth ward. Sise also swore in Matt Agresta as controller and Michael Villa as mayor. Paul Wollman swore in Lisa Lorman as full time city court judge.

After being sworn in, Villa thanked his wife, family, and friends for their support through his campaign.

“I firmly and truly believe that we are going to take a step forward in a city that we all love, a city that we all want to see grow and prosper,” said Villa. “And I believe the team that is assembled here today before you – I can assure you, that we will do the best that we can possibly do to represent this city in the best light to bring us all the results that we all strive and hope for.”

Referencing a quote from college football coach Bobby Petrino, he added, “I hope that I can stand here in four years and say that we don’t bring hope, we’re bringing results.”

(Photos by Tim Becker)

Tim Becker

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