Thane submits budget objections

Mayor Ann Thane announced Monday that she has submitted three line item vetoes or “objections” to the budget passed May 29 by the Common Council.

The three objections are to changes made by the council to the following lines: 1) A $100,000 decrease to the city’s health insurance line, 2) an increase of $40,000 to the proposed $950,000 transfer from the water fund to the general fund, and 3) a $30,000 decrease to the mayor’s proposed $40,000 marketing line.

Thane had proposed an increase in marketing spending this year in order to “help promote the soon-to-be completed Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook, update the City’s website, and otherwise improve the image of the City of Amsterdam.”

Thane said in her statement, “I would object to all of these modifications if I had the votes to support my objections. Instead, I will only object to certain items that will lessen the negative financial impact of this budget in the hope that the Common Council will reconsider its actions.”

She also said, “The modifications made by the Common Council substantially underestimate expenses for the city’s health insurance program and numerous other areas…The net result will be a significant deficit across all operating funds at the end of the fiscal year, while simultaneously damaging the ability of city staff to provide services.”

The council may override these objections with at least four out of five votes.

Click here to read the full statement on Thane’s blog.

Editor’s note: The mayor has since withdrawn one of her objections. See her comment below…


Tim Becker

Tim Becker is the owner of Anthem Websites Inc. which publishes The Compass. He serves as both editor and a writer.