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Resolution to disband golf commission on council agenda

According to the agenda for the June 16 Common Council meeting which was distributed by the City Clerk’s office yesterday, Alderman Ed Russo has sponsored an ordinance which would completely eliminate chapter 28 of the city code. That chapter is what created and defined the powers and duties of the Golf Course Commission.

The measure is on the agenda for the purpose of introduction. Per the city’s charter, a subsequent public hearing must be scheduled before the issue is voted on.

Earlier in the week, the Golf Commission submitted a statement to city officials asserting that they would not comply with a resolution passed by the council requesting that they remove certain fees. The statement cited  chapter 28, section 3 of the code and maintained that the council does not have legal authority to direct them to modify their rules or fees.

Corporation Counsel Gerard DeCusatis said yesterday that if the commission were to be abolished, and without any further legislature enacted, that golf course operations would revert to being overseen by the Recreation Department. As with any other city department, executive and legislative functions would fall under the mayor and council’s authority accordingly.

Russo, who sponsored the ordinance and is the council’s liaison to the golf course, did not respond to a request for comment in time for this article.


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11 Responses to Resolution to disband golf commission on council agenda

  1. We have real work to do. This move is nonsense.

  2. AvatarMMH says:

    A very good move. This current commission has caused nothing but drama. Thane keeps talking about real work to do. She has no real accomplishments to show for her time in office. How about lowering taxes and cleaning up this filthy city? Is this the way they do things in Delaware?

    • AvatarRob Millan says:

      “[The mayor] has no real accomplishments to show for her time in office.”

      – you’re joking, right?

      Also, I challenge you to cite an example, any example, where taxes have gone up beyond the state-imposed tax cap.

      That you fail to see any accomplishment and progress says you either are wholly out of touch with reality or just refuse to accept what is actual. Or you don’t spend enough time in Amsterdam to see any of the above.

  3. Dear anonymous person,

    I’m very proud of the accomplishments of my administration. They are many. Many are listed at

    You can also find a state of the city address for every year I’ve been in office at This city has been steadily moving in a positive direction for seven and a half years, thanks to my team.

    Thanks for opening the door to this opportunity. It gives everyone a chance to view the information I have cited. I hope you take the time to educate yourself and that your comments in the future are more informed the next time around.

  4. AvatarLuis says:

    I don’t believe the Mayor drives around our city with her eyes open. Mayor you talk a good game but anyone can drive around and see your failure at code enforcement. Its June 16, 2015 and you have failed to “maintain city owned property from high grass (blight).”

    Every city owned parking lot is currently overgrown with grass over +12″ in. Starting with the parking lot on east main st. and eagle across from the flower shop.

    Not once this year have you had the grass cut here As part of a fight of blight program. As you have the worst code enforcement program ever under your watch.

    Just another example of falsehood talk. Rob Milan says “Or you don’t spend enough time in Amsterdam to see any of the above.” To someone else! Hey Rob, you don’t live here so “you don’t see any of the above.”

    It would be nice if after 8 years the city would start up the fight on blight but No now the city fails to maintain its own property while telling others they have to cut their grass. Don’t do as I do, do as I say mentality.

    • AvatarRob Millan says:

      I’m in the city far more than you think, not that that even matters here, but I do believe that attempts at curbing blight have all been quashed by the Common Council, including allocating the necessary funds for added staff.

  5. AvatarLuis says:

    A few trips upstate doesn’t qualify you for knowing the area better than the person your saying to, “That you fail to see any accomplishment and progress says you either are wholly out of touch with reality or just refuse to accept what is actual.”

    Based on someone who lives here day in and day out Plus someone who is a code enforcement officer I’d agree that your view here is “wholly out of touch with reality”.

    Drive the city streets and neighborhoods get to know them as we residents do.

    This program of waiting for someone to call in a complaint is an absolute failure for this city.

    • AvatarTim Becker says:

      This has gone totally off topic, but I guess that’s ok.

      Luis, could you tell us how exactly the codes department, given it’s current staffing and available resources, could do any more work than they are already doing? I mean, are you saying they are sitting around doing nothing? I’d like to hear exactly what should be done differently.

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  7. AvatarLuis says:

    I did.
    “This program of waiting for someone to call in a complaint is an absolute failure for this city.”

    I’ll add.

    First, when I worked there we needed two court dates to manage an aggressive program. Not happening today as slum lords are not being prosecuted today. Considering the Atty. That represented the worst slum lords is now the Corp. Counsel.

    Second, stop waiting for complaints get out there looking for violations. Not happening today. The public wants to see codes out there doing their work.

    I could add so much more but I’ve been told by this Mayor and corp. Counsel that I don’t what I’m talking about…lol

  8. We do much more than wait for complaints despite the flat-lined state funding for seven years. We funnel CDBG & HOME grants to targeted neighborhoods for property rehab, demolitions and street infrastructure improvements. Our Landbank has identified a dozen properties in good neighborhoods for work so that blight stops before it starts. The Julia Street property will come back on the tax rolls in less than a month thanks to this effort. We’ve taken 100 households down in demolition and invested millions in the revitalization of our waterfront including the improvements of most facades on Main Street, Bridge Street reconstruction and the expansion of Riverlink Park that will connect with the MVGO. The traffic pattern’s been remediated and 15 new businesses have opened up in anticipation of the completion of the bridge. We’ve received a cross-regional grant in partnership with Schenectady, Troy, and Gloversville to track code enforcement data across municipal lines and hopefully deal with problem property owners. Most of our biggest parks have had upgrades too. Our code enforcement officers do a tremendous job and have generated more work than ever, certainly now that we don’t have one of the prior employees claiming to work when he was not. This current team deserves great respect, as do the rest of our city employees that work on a daily basis to manage the problems of this city with very little resources. Wish there was a magic wand, but there isn’t. We’ll just continue to steadily tackle these problems and won’t give up.