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Golf commission refuses to comply with council request on fees

The Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course Commission sent a statement to the mayor and common council yesterday asserting that they will not comply with a resolution passed by the common council that requested the course discontinue charging a fee for cart owners to have additional people ride on their cart. The resolution was vetoed by the mayor and subsequently overridden at last night’s special meeting.

According to the statement, “The Golf Commission asserts that the Common Council has no legal authority to modify the rules or fees as established by the Commission. Therefore, the Commission shall not modify its rules, fees or operations based on a resolution of the City.”

The commission cited Chapter 28-3 of the city code which states, “The Commission shall have full authority to manage, maintain and operate said golf course and appurtenances, to establish proper fees for the use of the golf course by players and to do such necessary things and adopt such rules and regulations applying to the use of such golf course as may be necessary for its proper operation, maintenance and protection.”

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3 Responses to Golf commission refuses to comply with council request on fees

  1. I have to agree with the Mayor on this issue. The Common Council gave the Golf Commission full authority to run the golf course. Let them run it!

  2. Via Golf Commission Pam Ritter:
    “The golf course is and has been subsidized by taxpayers for years. At fiscal year end June 30, 2015 it will need approximately $95,000 to $100,000 from the City’s general fund to be made whole. The budget for next year is already $80,000 in arrears and the fiscal year hasn’t even started. The deficit is very likely to be much higher as expenses have increased while our revenue is stagnant. The Common Council has vetoed a rate increase recommended by the commission in each of the past 3 years. The Council recently approved a capital expenditure of $150,000 that the course will be hard pressed to re-pay.

    The Golf Commission has worked tirelessly to implement accountability and profitability from it’s management team, staff and golfers and provide an enjoyable experience. From all reports we’ve been successful.

    Now our Council Liaison, Ed Russo is putting forth a resolution to abolish the golf commission at the June 16 Council meeting.

    The goal of the golf commission is to operate the course with as little financial assistance from the City as possible. Apparently, the Council doesn’t share that same goal.”


  3. AvatarJim Glorioso says:

    I so glad you are not letting the council step all over you. Stick to your guns. As for Ed I had the most respect for him out of all of them till recently. All he is OSA pawn at this point. I’m so disappointed in how he has just become a vote for Diane and Ron. This is why you need to run for Alderwoman In your ward even if that means a primary. There are a lot of people that want the change. This is the year to do it. We are behind you and are happy that you said enough is enough !