Spring cleanup day at Green Hill

The Green Hill Cemetery held its annual Spring Cleanup on Saturday, May 2. A handful of Board of Trustees officers and their relatives volunteered to pick up leaves, fallen limbs and trash. Linda Wassel and her family raked and bagged 13 large bags of leaves from inside the Cornell St. fence, while Peter Thane, Ken Somers and wife, Barb, cleared dead, fallen limbs and undergrowth from behind the double gates on Church St. in preparation for a Memorial Day dedication service. Ken Somers said that they cut up many trees that had fallen near the gates and were giving away the logs for firewood.

(Photos by Jay Towne)

Jay Towne

Jay Towne is a resident of Amsterdam, has published six books and is the writer and director of a radio drama, Any Good Thing, that currently airs on WOPG.