Hatzenbuhler steps aside as co-chair of codes committee


To the Residents of the 4th Ward and the City of Amsterdam,

For the past several days now I have listened to the orchestrated opposition go after me tirelessly for not obtaining a building permit.  I sure would hate to do something really, really criminally wrong, or worse yet, have used the city vehicle for 7 years as my personal vehicle, when it clearly states in the Employee Manual, that city vehicles may be used for “City business only”. It seems that only certain elected officials are held to a higher standard.

I have previously apologized (numerous times) after obtaining a permit and paying the assigned fee and fine.  I would like to apologize once again to all those that I have let down.  It has been my greatest honor to serve the residents of the 4th Ward.  I listened to your complaints and concerns over the years and I will continue to work to bring forth positive change for the City of Amsterdam and our Neighborhoods.

Many have also been saying that this council has done nothing for the past year, yet this is where we have made our biggest strides.  We have budgeted only that for which we have revenue coming in.  In the meantime, needed/required projects will be covered by grants, as they have been in the past.  This would include the sanitary sewer and water separation projects throughout the city that have been mandated by the DEC.  We are doing what has to be done and holding a steady course until our financial issues are resolved.  Only then, will this council move forward financially.  We did not make this mess, but you did charge us with cleaning it up, and that is what we are doing.

In closing, I would also like for you to know, that while Rich Leggiero and I have been co chairs of the Codes Committee for the past year, Alderman Leggiero will be taking this responsibility on by himself.  However, as the 4th Ward Alderwoman I still have a responsibility to handle any codes complaints that you may call in to me.  That is still part of my job.  I am here to serve you the residents of the 4th Ward in a manner that you deem acceptable.  If you wish to contact me concerning any of these issues feel free to do so.  Your positive support in this entire situation has been rewarding and much appreciated.

Thank you so very much,

Diane Hatzenbuhler
Amsterdam, NY

The author is the Fourth Ward Alderwoman of the Amsterdam Common Council