Mayor asks APD to investigate missing travel receipts

Mayor Ann Thane reported at Tuesday’s Common Council meeting that receipts for expenses related to her city-owned car she kept in the car’s glove compartment had been stolen. She asked Police Chief Greg Culick to investigate the matter.

At the same meeting, a resolution limiting the mayor’s use of the car was introduced and tabled. The issue is scheduled to be discussed at a committee meeting on August 12.

“I find it very odd that they were stolen just before this resolution came out,” said Thane.

Thane said the receipts were for expenses through the beginning of the year and that she noticed they were missing last Friday. She said that nothing else had been stolen from the car and there were no signs of forced entry.

The proposed resolution would restrict the mayor’s use of the car to city business only and would prohibit her from using it to drive to from home to work or for any other personal use.

The resolution cites “numerous complaints” by residents concerning the mayor’s use of the city vehicle for personal use.

Thane said that use of the city-owned car is part of her compensation package and that there are currently no rules prohibiting her from using the car for both business and personal use.


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9 Responses to Mayor asks APD to investigate missing travel receipts

  1. AvatarJoan Z Dufresne says:

    She can also go to the places the receipts were given, I’m sure they have records of them. I’m wondering what part of ” the car is part of the compensation package ” the Common Council and residents are not understanding. She’s on duty 24/7 not 9 to 5. If there’s an emergency at 11PM she doesn’t say, I’m off the clock call someone else.

  2. AvatarMr. Full of Shyte says:

    That’s crazy, its the same excuse I used when the officer asked to see my registration once. Glad to see its working out for her too.

  3. AvatarDylon says:

    This is a bit stunning in how it appears Mayor Thane is attempting to accuse the council (yes without naming, but they are proposing legislation) other than herself, family and/or anybody she allows to use this city work vehicle, in the removal of this information: “Thane said the receipts were for expenses through the beginning of the year and that she noticed they were missing last Friday. She said that nothing else had been stolen from the car and there were no signs of forced entry”.
    Either the Mayor is miss using the city work vehicle or not properly caring for it because your responsible for any keys to it or you improperly leave it unlocked. This is quite alarming.

  4. Avatarguest47 says:

    I have written to both the mayor and the common council regarding concerns with the city and ideas for improvements. I volunteered to head up a volunteer project on an attempt to bring some beauty back to the city. Starting in the hardest hit neighborhoods first. Clean some vacant lots and the yards of vacant properties, cut some grass, and do a fair bit of planting. At zero cost to the city.
    Only the mayor replied, backing the idea, and after a second email still not one person on the common council bothered to even acknowledge my attempts to communicate with them.

    During this time the basketball debate and eventual ban became their sole focus. It was amazing where all the time and energy was being wasted. No basketball in the streets, no children allowed to play or exercise in the same manner everyone else in the city was allowed to while growing up. This was obviously so important that it took up all of the aldermen’s time and nothing else could be addressed.
    Prior to my most recent experience with the common council, I would have said the mayor must have misplaced the receipts, that there was no way they were stolen. However, having seen this vindictive council operate with little more than a mob mentality, I would not put this past them. I’d assume there is an extra key for the car at city hall, and that’s where I would start the investigation.
    The people of Amsterdam need to stop voting based upon friendships, family connections, and familiar names, and turn out needs to improve. People who have chosen to sit home on their bottoms and not even bother to vote give up the right to complain about how things are being run. What was turnouts for the last city election? 20% ? 25% ? Whatever it was prohibits the majority of citizens their insatiable need to complain. People need to stop looking at even the smallest change and shake their heads while muttering “That’s not how we do things in Amsterdam. That’s not how we’ve ever done things in Amsterdam.” It’s not working. It’s time to mix it up and let change happen.
    The council needs to stop their BS and accomplish something real and not pass petty little laws out of spite.
    Oh, and maybe the kids would stop playing in the streets and playing in the parks if the hoops were up. Instead of removing some of them because neighbors of the parks complained about the noise. Seriously, people, snap out of it.
    So, yes, I can fathom the receipts being removed from her car. A car that is part of her compensation package and that she deserves access to at all times. Maybe not to drive to Iowa on vacation, but certainly locally.
    Again. Find the spare and start from there.

  5. Ordering the APD to investigate this is a ridiculous waste of city resources. The Mayor claims the alleged theft occurred last Friday from a city vehicle that has no visible signs of forced entry. Why wasn’t this reported last Friday? I’m sorry but missing receipts do not warrant a police investigation. The Mayor is NOT a first responder, there is no risk of life or limb if she doesn’t get to City Hall on time. This is a municipally owned vehicle, the property of the City of Amsterdam. The NYS Comptrollers Office that conducts municipal audits DOES have a policy governing the use of official vehicles, which prohibit use for personal business or travel between home and work station. (NYCRR Title 2/ Department of Audit and Control/ Chapter I/Part 8 Traveling Expenses) Mayor Thane did admit (The Recorder, August 2, 2014, reporter Casey Croucher) she uses the city vehicle to shop at Price Chopper for her family. The Common Council has every right to create legislation outlining proper use of of city vehicles, but It should not be targeted at the Mayor. It should apply to ALL city employees. Schenectady’s Mayor gave up his official vehicle to save the city money and implemented a citywide policy for use of official vehicles. Mayor Ann Thane should follow suit.

    • AvatarRob Millan says:

      “Ordering the APD to investigate this is a ridiculous waste of city resources.”

      No, it’s not. That’s a criminal act requiring a criminal investigation, one that the police are expected to investigate if reported to. You own a small business, Jerry, so I assume you would do the same if your own business receipts and invoices to people went missing, especially given that they’re required for tax or audit purposes.

      Furthermore, a theft from a car doesn’t require a sign of any forced entry nor does an unlocked car give carte blanche for someone to take its contents. And even if that door were unlocked and someone did enter it, I don’t think intent would be difficult to prove (as required, remember) given the all the attention that car has gotten recently.

      Secondly, you incorrectly cited the OSC regulations:

      Ԥ 8.0 General.
      (a) Of necessity these rules and regulations are general in nature because of many varying conditions existing in different State agencies.’

      Those apply to State agencies; not municipal. Just because the OSC audits municipalities doesn’t mean that they have any say in the matter of a city issuing a car to an employee.

      • AvatarDylon says:

        “No, it’s not. That’s a criminal act requiring a criminal investigation, one that the police are expected to investigate if reported to.”
        First of all, Its not a criminal act until proven a crime has been committed, you saying it doesn’t make it a crime, no matter how many people say it. And no Jerry, would not be given the same service that is being given to the Mayor, because if it were anyone else w/this ridiculous accusation, it wouldn’t be getting this much attention.
        Yes the State Controllers Office does have and require guidelines for public elected officials to provide recorded information in order to be a member of the NY State pension system. Not only that but if the Mayor claims this as compensation she is suppose to have a valuation of the benefit reported as income on her State & Federal tax filings. She should gave 7 yrs. worth of receipts not since Jan.

      • AvatarCharlie Kraebel says:

        Basically, Rob, what you’ve run into with Jerry is the old adage “even the Devil can use the scriptures to suit his own purpose.”
        The furor over this car is ridiculous. So what if the mayor goes to Price Chopper after she leaves work for the day? I suppose she is the only person on the entire planet who buys food on her way home from work. The mayor is on call 24/7 and should have access to the car 24/7.
        For people to freak out over a pit stop at Price Chopper shows how petty people can be. It’s not like the car is being taken on a joy ride all over the place. It’s going a mile up the road to the grocery store. Get over it already.
        The person who is championing this resolution, by her own admission, is basing it on rumors and hearsay. She herself admitted she has only seen the mayor take the car to City Hall (funny how the Skrockmeister fails to mention that).

        People really need to take a look at what’s happening here. Diane has been a gadfly for years and has used the council podium, radio airwaves and blogs to spread misinformation and rumors, and she’s been rebuffed regularly by the mayor. These pieces of legislation are not about accountability and good government. They’re about revenge and payback.

      • AvatarMohawk Valley Compass says:

        Hey, let’s stay away from name calling please. I just don’t want to see nicknames like that propagating on here. So Jerry gets one free penalty shot if he wants, but after that no more. Thank you!