Poll: Casino in Amsterdam, NY?


What do you think of the proposed idea for a casino to be built just outside the city limits of Amsterdam, NY?

A casino would have a positive economic impact on the Amsterdam area

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A casino would increase crime in the Amsterdam area

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2 Responses to Poll: Casino in Amsterdam, NY?

  1. I think a casino would be a great asset to Montgomery County. We desperately need the jobs, the income and the tourists who would be visiting…this could be a big boost to our flailing economy. We, probably more than any other area being considered, need this boost.

  2. AvatarRob Millan says:

    I think we need a bit more information about the potential negatives, not the least of which was an number I read stating the medium salary would be $42,000, which I think is a number that needs close scrutiny when you consider that the majority of the jobs created would be service-type like most casinos, including housekeeping, maintenance, customer service/reservations desk, valet, etc. I can’t imagine those jobs pulling around $42k.
    For the record, I’m for the casino.