Council votes to fund Corp. Counsel assistant position

At Monday’s meeting, The Amsterdam Common Council voted 4-1 to approve a resolution modifying the 2014-2015 budget to allow for Corporation Counsel Gerard DeCusatis to keep his assistant. The resolution added a requirement that the assistant work out of an office at City Hall and provide increased assistance to Employee Relations Director Bob Reidy. Alderwoman Diane Hatzenbuhler cast the lone no vote.

Previously, the council had voted unanimously to cut the position from the budget as part of 43 adjustments to the budget proposed by Mayor Ann Thane. During budget talks in May, Alderman Ron Barone had argued that he thought the assistant’s duties could be handled by other staff at City Hall. Hatzenbuhler also faulted the corporation counsel’s office as the cause of Reidy’s lack of progress in completing a workplace violence prevention program. Mayor Thane submitted objections (line item vetoes) to nine of the adjustments. In June, eight of those objection were overridden, leaving the assistant’s position the final item to be decided.



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One Response to Council votes to fund Corp. Counsel assistant position

  1. AvatarTJ Kelley says:

    How does a legislative body dictate via resolution where an executive branch employee is to be stationed during the execution of his/her job function? The last time I checked, administrative authority of personnel rested, by Charter, with the Office of the Mayor, and by extension of unitary executive theory, the supervising dept. head. The council has once again demonstrated its utter disregard of the city’s charter and continues to overreach its authority by acting as a plural executive. Shame on them.