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Proposed 2014-2015 budget released

Mayor Ann Thane submitted her proposed 2014-2015 budget to the Amsterdam Common Council yesterday. According to a statement Thane submitted along with the budget, the increase in property taxes under the proposed budget is 1.85%, which is under the state mandated 2% cap. She also stated that the increase in utility fees for residents was under the locally mandated 3% cap. Thane also listed a number of notes in regards to revenues and expenses.

Download and read the mayor’s statement here.

Download the proposed budget for 2014-15 in Excel format here

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One Response to Proposed 2014-2015 budget released

  1. Just to make sure we all understand, the proposed budget is not a “crap shoot.” Maybe that’s what was done at the county level in past years, but not here. This budget is based on extensive research, planning and educated projections, and we can back it all up.

    The one thing I am very sure of, the propensity for county supervisors to tap the fund balance is poor practice. It’s part of the reason we got rid of that form of government.

    I’ve submitted a healthy yet conservative budget that comes under the tax caps and still gives departments resources they need to provide our taxpayers services across the board.