Council approves compromise contract for golf pro

The ongoing struggle over the contract for Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course Pro Joe Merendo may finally be coming to an end. In a special meeting Monday night, the Common Council approved a compromise one season contract (from April through October) for Merendo which includes a $45,000 salary and allows him to keep proceeds from the pro shop and any golf lessons he charges for.

The council also passed a resolution allocating $24,000 to lease 30 golf carts from Five Star Golf Cars, which the city will operate and collect rental fees on. A tentative rental fee of $20 per cart was also adopted. Previously, Merendo had operated the carts and received the revenue from them.

3rd Ward Alderman Ron Barone pointed out that all revenue generated from the golf course will now go into it’s own fund rather than into the general fund so that the amounts can be tracked more accurately in the future.

The contract is still subject to approval by Merendo and review by his lawyer. Mayor Ann Thane said that she and Corporation Counsel Gerard DeCusatis will try to finalize everything with Merendo “as quickly as possible.”

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2 Responses to Council approves compromise contract for golf pro

  1. AvatarMike Van Allen says:

    Great at least we have an agreement finally . My next question is who maintains ,rents and gases up the carts as well as who are we hiring to actually rent them out on a daily basis . Also who is liable for accidents and injuries caused by the carts . Who polices the use of the Carts on the course itself ? All questions we the public have the right to know .

  2. AvatarPete Betz says:

    I had a brief job at the golf course once when I was a teenager. The grounds chief sent me out with a wheelbarrow full of dirt and told me to fill in any holes I found. I found 18 holes. I filled them in, and for some reason he fired me.