Pat Beck gives overview of Shuttleworth Park Foundation


Patricia Beck of the Shuttleworth Park Foundation. Photo by Tim Becker.

At last night’s Amsterdam Recreation Committee meeting, Patricia Beck, who recently announced her retirement as publisher of the Leader Herald after 17 years, gave an overview of the Shuttleworth Park Foundation.

Beck explained that the foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization that will raise money for improvements to Shuttleworth Park. Some of the improvements the foundation has in mind include: renovations to the baseball stadium, upgrades to the softball fields, tennis courts, pavilions, and playgrounds, paved walking paths, new benches, lighting, etc.

According to Beck, the foundation has already received an $8,500 grant from Home Depot and a $1,000 grant from Stewart’s. Beck said one of the first projects they are interested in working on is a deck at the baseball stadium that will be reserved exclusively for military veterans during Amsterdam Mohawks games.

Beck stressed that the foundation would coordinate with the proper city officials on any type of construction projects, and expressed a desire to have a common council member serve on the foundation’s board as a liaison. She also left open the possibility of working with other groups and initiatives in the area.

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3 Responses to Pat Beck gives overview of Shuttleworth Park Foundation

  1. I have always thought that Shuttleworth and Veteran’s fields are highly under-cared for. When my kids were tiny tots, we went to both of these parks and much of the same equipment is STILL THERE, that was there almost 50 years ago, as it is all over the city. Every park where children play is in dire need of attention to the details of safety.
    It is about time that some great advancements were done to make all these parks more “user” friendly. It is a shame to see the horrible condition that the playgrounds are in, and how dangerous the equipment is. Someone should take a good hard look at that and stop trying to just cater to the guests who “pay” for admission. Good for those who care about the kids and the general condition of parks that are FREE and without greens fees. and cart rentals. You go, Pat…
    The $8500 is a start, but the condition of the playgrounds need to be totally viewed as top priority.

    • Avatarrogo says:

      I have said before i have nothing against shuttleworth, but you mention green fees and carts.I as a taxpayer and a golfer, pay green fees and carts, you say shutlewortrh and veterans park (still there???) is free, I as a taxpayer pay for both and i dont use shuttleworth where are my taxes going. Yes I played at isabel field and mohawk mills park and used pool. Why do you mention golf course???

  2. AvatarJean Karutis says:

    I’m pleased to see the formation of this foundation. I live very close to the park and love it dearly. I would love to see some sanitary containers and “doggie bag” dispensers for dog owners to safely dispose of their four legged friends “doo-doo”. It’s disheartening to see the park littered with unsanitary doggie excrement. I also hope the foundation will always preserve the natural beauty of the park and balance any “development” (ie. paved walkways, parking spaces, etc.) with preservation of “green” space. The “wild” areas of Shuttleworth are what makes it so special…please don’t let that be lost.