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Budget and Finance Committee recommends adoption of 2017 proposed budget

Montgomery County Executive Matthew Ossenfort’s proposed 2017 budget of $111.2 million is one step closer to being adopted following a public hearing Tuesday at which no one spoke either for it or against it and the release of the county Legislature’s Budget and Finance Committee report on the panel’s examination of the proposed budget.

The committee report called Ossenfort’s proposal “s fiscally responsible budget with no reduction in county services.” It calls for an increase of 0.93 percent in the tax levy, which is within the state-mandated tax cap.

“This budget not only continues [the Legislature’s] commitment to critical infrastructure projects , but allows the county to strengthen its financial stature by maintaining fund balance, [which is] critical to maintaining its bond rating,” the report stated. “The county executive did an excellent job of preparing the budget that met departmental needs while responding to the reality of keeping taxes at a reasonable level.”

Legislators will hold a special meeting Oct. 4 to discuss any possible changes to the budget, then will meet again Oct. 11 to vote on adopting the budget.


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One Response to Budget and Finance Committee recommends adoption of 2017 proposed budget

  1. AvatarRogo says:

    Been very quiet. Take 3.5 million out of fund balance,is not balanced budget (where does next 3.5 come form.. how many jobs created. how can you give any raises!! 42% of taxes got to MEDICADE ( I cant get on it) how many ssi people are on work fare ?????????? How many jobs were created. Vote against all incumbents or if unopposed right ROGO in. just to show not happyy