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County exec, GASD business manager, appointed to golf commission

Mayor Michael Villa announced three appointments to the municipal golf commission yesterday. Montgomery County Executive Matt Ossenfort, Greater Amsterdam School District Business Manager Kim Brumley, and Peter Bylina, were tapped to replace three members who resigned recently: FMCC President Dustin Swanger, Pam Ritter, and Bob Karutis.

Ritter and Karutis resigned last week shortly after appearing before the common council at a committee meeting on February 16. At the meeting, Ritter brought up questions about golf course expenses and bonding issues, and asked that the council approve new golf course rates quickly in order for the course to begin advertising. At the same meeting, an ordinance was introduced which would change golf commission member terms to be co-terminus with the mayor, and which would clarify that the common council has the final authority to approve golf course rates. The ordinance is set for a vote on March 1. All three resigning members were appointed by former mayor Ann Thane.


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3 Responses to County exec, GASD business manager, appointed to golf commission

  1. Two of these appointees have a history of resisting the changes that were implemented to increase financial accountability, operational oversight and better the management structure of the course. It will be interesting to see what this commission does in the coming months.

  2. AvatarRogo says:

    It seems that Mike Villa found people who actually golf, support clubhouse and also pro shop. Now if they can only find way out of cart rental lease and fill sheds at no cost to city.
    Nice picks Mike

  3. AvatarMike Van Allen says:

    All three are great appointments and long time Golfers . They will do a great Job !