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Unofficial results for City of Amsterdam races

Michael Villa has won the race for mayor against two term incumbent Ann Thane, according to unofficial results from the Montgomery County Board of Elections. Voters also chose Matt Agresta for a second, full term as controller, Lisa Lorman for city court judge, incumbent Ed Russo for first ward alderman, challenger Paul Ochal in the second ward, challenger Chad Majewski in the third ward, and challenger Rodney Wojnar in the fourth ward. Unofficial results show a close race in the fifth ward with challenger Jim Martuscello coming in with 334 votes to incumbent Rich Leggiero’s 321 votes. UPDATE: According to the board of elections, there are still 41 absentee ballots that have not been counted for the fifth ward. They will be opened and counted at 10 am on Tuesday November 10.

Michael Villa (REP, CON, IND, REF)  2,250  63.20%
Ann Thane (DEM, REB)  1,304  36.63%
Matt Agresta (REP, IND, REF)  2,072  68.16%
Alexander Roginski (CON, ROG)  966  31.78%
Common Council Ward 1
Ed Russo (REP, CON, IND, REF)  551  57.22%
Ken Mazur (DEM, GRE, WOR)  411  42.68%
Common Council Ward 2
Paul Ochal (REP, REF)  322  56.00%
Valerie Beekman (DEM, REB)  253  44.00%
Common Council Ward 3
Chad Majewski (DEM, REB)  475  63.42%
Ron Barone (REP, CON, IND, REF)  273  36.45%
Common Council Ward 4
Rodney Wojnar (DEM, REB) 232 46.59%
Tim Quist (VOI) 135 27.11%
Diane Hatzenbuhler (REP, REF) 129 25.90%
Common Council Ward 5
Jim Martuscello (DEM, REB) 334 50.99%
Rich Leggiero (REP, CON) 321 49.01%
City Court Judge
Lisa Lorman (DEM, GRE, IND) 1,881 53.57%
William J. Mycek (REP, CON) 1,546 44.03%
Gerard DeCusatis (WOR) 83 2.36%

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for the complete unofficial results from the Montgomery County Board of Elections.


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6 Responses to Unofficial results for City of Amsterdam races

  1. Avatarrogo says:

    Tim I belive you you were fair on all enterviiews (myself included) we should move on, because because Mike Villa won I am not leaving amst or south side

  2. Avatarrogo says:

    don’t want to start already but there is snag in aud. I guess thane found out after election!!

    • AvatarRob Millan says:

      ‘Thane’ doesn’t have a say in the AUD and was not once mentioned in the media as having any part in finding the ‘snag.’ You can thank your astute controller for that. To suggest that guy has some political motives is absurd.

      • Avatarrogo says:

        nice try maybe you will go away now. stay in nyc

      • AvatarThom Georgia says:

        First, I’m calling foul for that antagonistic comment. Second, why should anyone “go away”? Just because the physical 12010 may not be the address on his drivers license (nor mine for that matter), does not mean that one has no vested interest in Amsterdam politics, development, or myriad other aspects of life. Family members probably still live here, one might own property, either in whole or part, or God forbid, actually care about their hometown.

        If anyone should ‘go away’, I suggest it’s people like you and Hatzenbuhler who were soundly told by voters to stay out of politics. If you’re going to throw out insults, at least let us apply that standard fairly.

    • Avatarrogo says:

      already said not matt. follow thr money. We will see