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Hatzenbuhler pleads not guilty to disorderly conduct charge

Fourth Ward Alderwoman Diane Hatzenbuhler appeared before City Court Judge Howard M. Aison today and plead not guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct, a violation. The charge resulted from an incident  earlier in the month, when witnesses say Hatzenbuhler removed a street closure sign in front of the farmers’ market on Main Street during a heated argument with Sherri Bardascini Crouse, the market manager. Aison set a trial date of December 7, 2015 at 9am. However, Aison asked the district attorney and attorney for Hatzenbuhler to contact the court if the case could be resolved before the trial date. After the court appearance, Hatzenbuhler said she felt sure the issue could be resolved before it went to trial.


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3 Responses to Hatzenbuhler pleads not guilty to disorderly conduct charge

  1. AvatarThom says:

    The only resolution prior to trial should be a guilty plea. It’s not like this is Hatzenbuhler’s first arrest. She’s been cuffed and hauled into court before. And that time it was for failure to appear for a THIRD incident predating that! Her criminal record is well established and her rate of recidivism holds steady at 100%.

    I understand the necessity of plea bargaining in our judicial process; without it the criminal justice system would come to a grinding halt. But come on! Enough is enough of the crazy stuff.

    • AvatarRob Millan says:

      It’d be pretty dumb to plea a violation to something less.

      I don’t agree with Diane on just about anything (I cannot stress that enough), but I think just paying a fine and surcharge and calling it a day is just about the most that can be had of this situation. I highly doubt Diane would want this to go to trial, where even a guilty plea would render the same result.

  2. Avatarrichard sczepankowski says:

    Im sure it will be resolved shortly after the nov third election date.